Wednesday, January 13

Swine Flu Officially Over

Geneva, January 13th 2035  - - More than 20 years since the last known case of Swine Flu was recorded, the World Health Organisation has finally announced the end of the pandemic.  Older readers may remember the panic caused when, more than a quarter of a century ago, this new flu was seen to be spread across the world from South America; younger readers may never have heard of it.  Despite fears that it would decimate the world's population, the Swine Flu turned out to be a one of the least dangerous of strains.

The WHO announcement comes on the 25th anniversary of the day that, in the light of complaints from governments around the world who found themselves over-stocked with unwanted vaccines,  they promised a review of how the pandemic was managed, and of what role, if any, major drug companies had played in hyping up the hysteria around it.  The review, they had said, would start 'only once the pandemic is over'. 

So now, finally, if anyone cares, this review can go ahead.

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