Sunday, October 11

Indian Scientists Find Oil on Moon

Delhi, 11th October 2034 - Samples taken by the Indian Space Tourism Corporation from the moon last week have been found to contain traces of oil, according to scientists in Delhi. The pieces of rock were lifted from the Southland sector of the moon, approximately 30 miles west of the site where ISTC's Moon-01 Hotel is to be constructed. Traces of metal were also found.

A profile analysis of the oil has revealed that it is very similar to the kind found in interplanetary rocket fuel, according to the ISTC. The potential is now being explored for a more comprehensive oil exploration survey to be carried out in the Indian sector, similar to the 5-year survey currently underway in the Sino-Russian sector, 1500 miles to the north.

Suggestions that the oil-find could be linked to the rocket attack on the planet, carried out by the Americans a quarter of a century ago, have been dismissed as 'absurdly unlikely'.

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