Friday, October 9

US President Angered at Nobel Snub

Washington, 9th October 2034 President Sho Hun Li hit out angrily at the Nobel Peace Prize committee following the announcement that regular citizen, scientist James Ngomba of the Northern Africa Federation would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

This breaks a tradition that goes back to the days of Obama, a quarter of a century ago, of granting newly elected Presidents the award in their first year of presidency. The Director of the 5-member Norwegian Nobel Committee was unapologetic. He explained that the reason for the committee's choice was to return to the broader selection procedures that were used back in the twentieth century. In those days, he said, the Peace Prize would be awarded on the basis of practical achievements completed, rather than on strength of vision, and he rejected the idea that a newly installed US President should receive the Prize as a matter of course.

Insiders at the White House have said that the Norwegian ambassador is to be called to give an explanation for what has been described 'a gross international snub'.

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